Support and Endorsements

"The families and communities of Senate District 21 will be well served by Sue Polidura in the State Senate. Her commitment to always put people first and save the New Hampshire Advantage is unmatched. Sue Polidura has my vote for State Senator. "

Governor Chris Sununu
Pic Polidura Sununu

"Our law enforcement memberships in Portsmouth, Newmarket and Durham need a voice that will have their backs not echo a party line referendum that does not exist here in New Hampshire. The NEPBA and its members stands shoulder to shoulder with those who support and defend us as we support and defend our communities. We wish you the absolute best in this election. You are a woman with common sense, integrity and the fortitude who will serve the constituency with distinction."

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Stephen J. Arnold, Sr.

New England Police Benevolent Association

“Sue was the first candidate to come to speak to me at my house, and I was so impressed with her bright ideas.  We really need a candidate who can bring those ideas to the Senate.  I endorse Sue without hesitation.”

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Ruth Griffin

Former Executive Councilor from New Hampshire’s District 3

"As premised by The Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” While . . . no system of government rooted in the “whims of man” (a/k/a majority rule, democracy) could possibly uphold or guarantee that affirmation, a government based upon the rule of law, such as the government established by the NH State Constitution most certainly can as long as those we elect to State Government offices understand the purpose and meaning of our State Constitution. That said, if securing your God-given freedoms is important to you, then do not send constitutionally ignorant men or women into public office. Protect your personal liberties by voting Sue Polidura, New Hampshire State Senate, District 21 representing: Portsmouth, Newington, Newfields, Durham, Lee and Madbury. Sue is a scholar of the Constitution; I know her to be constitutionally knowledgeable; thereby, fully aware of the limits the NH State Constitution places upon those serving in State Government."

Diane Gilbert

Chair, National Heritage Center for Constitutional Studies, New Hampshire Chapter

List of Endorsements

Matt Mayberry, Congressional Candidate CD1

Ms. Renee Plummer, Vice President of Marketing, Two International Group

Eddie Edwards, 2018 Congressional Candidate CD1

Dan Innis, 2016-2018 State Senator Dist 24

Jeb Bradley, NH Senate Republican Minority Leader

Cornerstone Policy Center

Maj Gen (ret) Joseph K Simeone, Air National Guard




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