ruth ward endorses sue polidura

Ruth Griffin endorses Sue Polidura for State Senate race

The former Executive Councilor from New Hampshire’s District 3, Ruth Griffin, has wholeheartedly endorsed Sue Polidura for the New Hampshire Senate race in District 21.  

When endorsing Sue, Councilor Griffin said, “Sue was the first candidate to come to speak to me at my house, and I was so impressed with her bright ideas.  We really need a candidate who can bring those ideas to the Senate.  I endorse Sue without hesitation.” 

During Sue’s years as a political activist and as the leader of the Portsmouth Republican Committee, Ruth was always a great source of support and inspiration for Sue.  Over the years this relationship developed into a true mentorship.  Sue says, “I’ve known Ruth Griffin since I first became involved in politics, almost 20 years ago.  I am very grateful and honored for her endorsement.  Ruth’s life-long political service has earned her the title of Grande Dame of Republican politics in the seacoast.”

A political matriarch, Ruth says she always had a passion for politics, which she inherited from her Father.  Ruth’s  service in elective office covered a span of 30 years — including terms in the State House, the Senate, and as Executive Councilor from 1987 until her retirement.  In addition, she served as a member of two Constitutional Conventions, two terms as the Republican National Committeewoman from New Hampshire, and as a Delegate to the RNC Convention seven times.  

From 1993 to 1999, Ruth was the recipient of New Hampshire’s “Ten Most Powerful Women Award.”  Over the years, she has been recognized frequently with awards.  

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